50 simple ways to be kind and spread love in the world

Maria DiChiappari

Posted on August 23 2017

We could all use a little extra love and kindness right now, don't you agree?

Yes, it may feel like we are in the midst of so much heartbreak and insanity, but let's remember there is also so much good around us - we just don't hear about it as much. So let's change that.

Let's do whatever we can to bring more love and kindness into the world. We'll start with ourselves and how we treat others and let our message of love spread like wildfire. 

So the next time you're using Social Media, share your kind actions or kindness you've received from others and hashtag #SPREADTHELOVE. Because who else would rather see more love and positivity filling up their life and their social media feeds?? So if you donated your money or time to a good cause, or if you received a kind gift from someone or if you read an uplifting quote, share it and hashtag #spreadthelove. We need all the good vibes we can get!

If you're looking for ideas on how to spread love and kindness wherever you go, check out the list below. Remember, even small acts of kindness can make a big impact!


1. First and foremost, be kind to yourself. To quote Pema Chodron: “Be kinder to yourself and then let your kindness flood the world.” So give yourself a compliment every day, take time to meditate, exercise, take relaxing baths or do whatever makes your soul happy. 
2. Tell someone you love them and even better, the reasons why.
3. Laugh often.
4. Let go of grudges and forgive.
5. Donate what you can to a charity you care about.
6. Volunteer.
7. Make gift baskets for the homeless with items they may need.
8. Smile and say hello to your neighbors and strangers on the street.
9. 'Please' and 'Thank You' go a long way.
10. Pay for a strangers meal or coffee.
11. Donate those clothes you never wear.
12.  Be kind to the earth. Do whatever you can to reduce your carbon footprint. (Walk or ride the bus instead of drive, recycle, compost, use less plastic, plant a tree, etc.)
13. Bake desserts and share them with your coworkers.
14. Have compassion and try understand other points of view.
15. Open the door for people.
16. Give someone a free ticket to a concert.
17. Stand up for someone who may need you to have their back.
18. Make a friend a cup of tea.
19.  Write a letter to someone you care about.
20. Buy a loved one flowers or a sentimental gift unexpectedly.
21. Invite friends over and cook them a delicious meal.
22. Send Birthday cards/notes instead of just wishing it over Facebook or through text.
23. Be inclusive of new people.
24. Lend an ear to a loved one going through a tough time.
25. Bring a bowl of soup to a sick friend. 
26. Make your loved ones homemade gifts from the heart.
27. After finishing a book, lend it to a friend who may enjoy it.
28. Turn your phone off and be present when spending time with others.
29. Listen without judgement.
30. Say kind things about people behind their backs.
31. Give people the benefit of the doubt.
32. Be the peacemaker.
33. Say "I'm sorry" and admit to your mistakes. 
34. Give hugs. Like...really big, long, loving hugs! 
35. Be open and vulnerable about your struggles to possibly inspire and give comfort to others.
36. Leave you waiter or waitress a very generous tip along with a sweet note.
37. Try to see the good qualities in people over their faults (because we all have 'em)!
38. Ask people how they are doing, and really mean it.
39. Smile more.
40. Do something super romantic for your partner.
41. Call your parents and grandparents - tell them you love them.
42. Feed someone else's parking meter if their time is about to expire.
43. Leave kind notes in public places for someone to find.
44. Be patient and understanding when talking to a customer service representative. Remember, they are just doing their job!
45. Give a sincere compliment to a friend or stranger.
46. Be affectionate with those you care about.
47. Tell jokes and make others laugh.
48. Make uplifting and inspiring posts on social media (like sharing this blog post maybe?) wink wink 
49. Offer assistance - give your seat to an elderly person on the bus, offer to help a friend move or if you see a broke-down car on the side of the road, ask if you can help. 
50. Whenever someone does something kind for you, thank them and be sure to pay it forward! 


Are there any other acts of kindness you can think of? Leave them in the comments below! Let's keep this love fest going <3 





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