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Maria DiChiappari

Posted on July 14 2017


"It is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting."  ~Paulo Coelho


Have you ever had that thought in the back of your mind, where you knew there was something you wanted to accomplish, something you felt deep down with all of your being that if you actually did it, your heart would burst open with so much joy and fulfillment you would just explode into little bits of stardust? But then you followed that thought with…“yeah, someday”? Whether it’s to live abroad, learn an instrument, get healthier, quit your job and work for yourself, etc. You know what I’m talking about! 

For my husband Alex and me, we always wanted to create something special together that was ours (sorry Mom and Dad, but no, I’m not talking about a baby here lol), what we wanted was to create a business together; a business where I handled the creative aspects and Alex handled the business side of things. It’s the perfect match. Numbers on spreadsheets makes me nauseous to even look at it...BLEGH! But that’s Alex’s strong suite. Any type of creative process makes Alex want to run for the hills, but I LIVE for it! If we combined forces however, we could RULE THE WORLD! Just kidding, but starting a business together is totally doable, right?

Of course, every conversation about this idea always ended with “yeah…someday” and then we’d brush it off, as if it were some unattainable goal, and continue on with our lives. Alex would keep on working the 9-5 cubicle lifestyle and I would work tirelessly trying to find my place as a graphic designer - in a field that is so competitive that I sometimes became too exhausted to stay in the competition. But I love to design and I live to create, so we both just kept on truckin’, while deep down, manifesting this dream of ours. 

Then, as the universe does in all her magic, she began to unfold these opportunities for us and flooded us with inspiration and motivation.

First, we were recommended the business book The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss, which gave us the motivation we needed to bring this idea into fruition. Then, I woke up one morning from this extremely detailed dream that felt so real. I had seen myself and Alex in the future with this incredible store, in this amazing community and feeling a sense of accomplishment and pure happiness. I even remember seeing what the website design looked like (in typical graphic designer fashion)! The seed had been planted, now for just a little rain and sunshine to allow this flower to bloom. That's when one day, I randomly stumbled upon a program that guides you along the process of starting an e-commerce store. We felt it was exactly what we needed in order to take us where we wanted to go. So we had the motivation, we had our vision and we had our mentors. Then, as they say, they rest is history! Thank you universe, for helping us bring our aspirations to life. 

So with all that said, WELCOME and THANK YOU so much for stopping by our shop, it means the world to us. We’re both so grateful that we’re able to pursue our little dream of starting this store together. Being able to combine our love, passions and skills and turn it into Arise Society is such a blessing.

It’s important to us that our shop is also a community, so please feel free to share and connect with us. If you’re a blogger and you’d like to write a guest post, or if you’re an artist and you’d like to collaborate on designs, or if
you’re a yogi who’d like to be featured, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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And just a reminder: If you have that thought in the back of your mind that you keep answering with “someday”, start to manifest and put all your energy into turning that “someday” into today. It’s worth it, we promise you.

Much love, 

Alex & Maria 

Arise Society is a yoga & adventure lifestyle shop, inspired by active, mindful and bohemian living. Our goal is to create not only an online retail shop but a community for all yogis, travelers, artists, athletes and free spirits around the world. 

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